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Cordovo Story - About

Expert knowledge of leather craftsmanship isn’t something one can learn overnight. It was in the 1960s, where our tailor heritage started by creating custom-made shirts, sportcoats, pant-suits, jackets and similar other garments. Our knowledge and skills in crafting tailored fitted products for our satisfied customers led to a successful business generational venture till the 1990s. But sometimes good things must come to an end. Due to the unfortunate death of our founder and both their sons, the lineage of tailors came to a halt.

With craftsmanship in the blood, the research and development of leather design and products began in 2015. With decades of knowledge in tailored clothing and years of research in the leather industry, we were finally able to produce a unique collection of rugged leather garments – stylish, yet breathable and contain an ageless design that is engineered to get better over time! 

We derive the name ‘Cordovo’ from the legendary rare cordovan leather that was a name of quality, comfort and luxury.  We honour the brand name as a pledge to provide the same quality, comfort and luxury in modern times. We also inspire and pay tribute to our forefathers by defining the countless years in making ‘Cordovo’ as a symbol of exemplary products and services to our customers around the world.  

Our purpose at Cordovo is to provide our customers tailored finished leather jackets that are stylish and comfortable. We offer exemplary leather goods to spark and enhance confidence in everyday fashion.